Top 10 Reasons to use BackBox:
  • Automated Backup and recovery for all your security and networking devices in one place
  • Out of the box support for over 100 of the leading security and networking vendors
  • Non supported vendors can be added within 24 hours of a request being made to BackBox.
  • BackBox is the compliance officers best friend. Compliance – Dynamic Inventory, Step by step recovery procedures and Internal Audit.
  • Corrupted back up files equate to a useless back up. BackBox carry out config verification to prevent this occurring.
  • BackBox uses encrypted storage. This method is massively better than the local FTP format the config files are usually stored in.
  • Auto tasks, enable the design and automation of custom work flows
  • Detect issues before they occur using BackBox Application level monitoring
  • Multi Tenant Role Based Access Control – makes BackBox ideal for any distributed /service provider environments
  • BackBox customers can easily add additional vendors in house. All that is required is some initial instruction from BackBox.

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